Iam Coulter - Artist


My life only feels like my life, when I express myself creatively.


I love acting, directing, teaching, and writing.

I love painting and poetry.

I love music and dancing and crave them like chocolate.

I love chocolate...and cooking...and eating.

I love animals.

I don't eat them.


I love Shakespeare - one of my many revered teachers and inspirations.

I love the 'F' word. Maybe too much.

Too 'F'-ing bad.


I love yoga and the quiet balance found on my mat.

I love LOVE and my friends and family scattered around the world.  

I love adventure and seek it out.

I love to grow, to expand and explore.


I love to laugh and I'm quick to cry. No amount of chocolate can supress my emotions. 

That's no reason to stop trying. Hope springs eternal, and well...chocolate.


Creativity is my most powerful tool when seeking to understand, or express, my humanity. 

Eating, drinking, shopping and 'fill-in-the-blank'-ing pale in comparison.


Trust me. I've done the research. :o)

Lady Gigi at the Capulet Ball
My coven
Lady Capulet
Facebook - The Bald Soprano - Sir Winston Churchill HS
Coven Love
Clowning in NYC
Katherine in Taming of the Shrew
King John
Constance in King John
Clara in Money
Clowning in New York
Lady Macbeth School Tour
Baby Blues
Belle in A Christmas Carol
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