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I remember a time when 'teaching' was like a dirty word to me. I imagined it would mean that I had failed to fulfill my destiny, that I had given up, not been 'good enough' to do what I really wanted to do.


In my final acting year of a BFA program, we were encouraged to mentor younger students. I was happy to do it, expecting no pay-off but the boost that come from lending a hand (and maybe a little basking in the glow of my brilliance). What I didn't expect, was the incredible rush! Insight gained only through the act of witnessing. Without the burden of self conscious desire, my creativity wasn't muddied by a need to 'get it right'. A whole new freedom and artistic voice was born.


There is so much pleasure and satisfaction in empowering others. 


Years later, as the artistic producer of a Shakespeare company (working with emerging artists and shoe-string budgets) success was dependant on my ability to teach. We needed to learn together. It created a wonderful atmoshere of equality and teamwork. It was that spirit which made our shows magically inclusive, for artists and audiences alike.


My own need to learn, to fill the well, led me to hand the reigns of the company to someone else. I had discovered a passion that would stand the test of time, but I wanted to do more so I needed to know more.


I attended Shakespeare & Company in Lenox Massachussetts and began a journey which remains at the heart of my work today.

The company founders are visionaries. They devote their lives to teaching and creating, providing inspiration, empowerment, with unparralled generosity and sacrifice.


Worthy examples to aspire to indeed.


A selection of my teaching engagements:


Rosebud School of the Arts

 Scene study - Shakespeare


Rocky Mountain College

 Acting Shakespeare


Willow Park High School

 Drama - Acting Shakespeare

 Humanities - Elizabethan England and Shakespeare in Performance


Dr EP Scarlett High School

English - "Why does Shakespeare matter?" - Speaking engagements


Acting Shakespeare with Iam Coulter

Shakespeare Performance Intensives as scheduled.

Private Coaching by request.


Student Testimonials found here.


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