As of May 6, 2015 I am taking a wee Will Wednesday hiatus to reflect on the first three months and consider how things can be improved to best serve the community. Stay tuned for further updates here and on social media.  ~ Iam


Will Wednesday Workshops



Facilitated by Iam Coulter with specific quest artist coming in from time to time, and featuring any and all artists interested in exploring and deepening their craft within a community of fellow artists.



Will Wednesdays  with speeches and scenes from the Shakespeare cannon.



Studio B in the Morpheus Rehearsal Centre

Parkdale Community Centre 

3512 - 5th Avenue NW Calgary, AB 



Wednesday Nights 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Beginning Wednesday February 4th, 2015



These weekly workshops will be an experiment of sorts. I'm curious about where my Shakespeare fits in the Calgary theatre community, and whether a need or appetite exists for the way of working that has become my focus over the past few years. I believe in the power of community and I believe in the power of Shakespeare's texts. In my classrooms, students  often seem starved of  an experience that they feel they are searching for but can't always articulate. I want to see whether I can help to create a safe space in which artists can come together to work deeply and safely with the support of other artists, taking risks, speaking the truth, and making themselves available for constructive feedback and encouragement from a community of like minded artists- or Comrades as I like to call them.


Ultimately we will gather together once a week for two hours to show and receive support as we strive to keep our work as theatre artists alive in ourselves and in our community.  



Whether you are well versed in Shakespeare performance or a relative newcomer to working with heightened text, all are welcome. I will meet each student where they are and we will work from that place. 


Working with 4 or 5 actors each week, a system will be in place to ensure that different people consistently work each week. However it's important to note that everyone in the room will play a key role and often there is as much to learn through observation and feedback as through working 'on your feet'.


If you are interested in going me on this wee adventure to see 'what dreams may come' bring in your old favourite, or a brand new piece of Shakespeare of about 12-20 memorized lines, and we'll take it from there.




Payment for the workshop will be by donation. Suggested minimum donation $10.


What former students have to say about working with Iam Coulter*:


"Iam has a delicate sensitivity to each person in the room and what they need. ...she approaches each one so differently, I recognize what a safe place she has created.  She challenges each of us deeply, but does not leave us floundering in the water alone.”


“I could not be more grateful for the opportunity she facilitated for say the truths that are at the very (core) of me...The potency of that short amount of one-on-one work may alter the course of my whole life.”


“Iam equipped me with skills for understanding, breaking down and expressing all the intricacies of Shakespearean text. ...she equipped us all to be more fully alive and free as human beings. Take her class.”  


“I felt throw myself into the situation with (Iam) guiding and directing me. She has a gentle way of reaching into the deepest parts of me, challenging me to be brave, while also taking me by the hand and coming along for the ride.”


“Iam made herself emotionally available and was invested in my process. Her commitment is treasured and beautiful.”



*Iam Coulter is an actor, director, and teaching artist. From 2004 - 2011, she served as the artistic producer of The Shakespeare Company in Calgary, Alberta. Her appetite for deeper understanding and experience led her to Lenox, Massachusetts' Shakespeare & Company in 2012, where she trained with internationally renowned master teachers. Iam has continued her studies with those masters, absorbing all she can while developing her personal teaching style. Her great admiration for the company's integrity and vision draws her back time and time again, and she is currently assisting the faculty as a teacher trainee at the January 2015 Month Long Intensive.


Iam teaches Shakespeare scene study as a guest instructor at Rosebud School of the Arts. Previous teaching credits also include Rocky Mountain College, Rosebud School of the Arts, Willow Park School and her own workshops and coaching.


As an actor, Iam has performed with Shakespeare & Company, Theatre Calgary, Vertigo Mystery Theatre, Alberta Theatre Projects, Theatre Junction and The Shakespeare Company. In April 2014 she appeared in Romeo and Juliet at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton as a participant in the 2014 Banff/Citadel Professional Theatre Program.

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